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PINTAS Intellectual Property (IP) Protection Trademark

1. What is a trademark?
Just as your name identifies you and distinguishes you from others, a trademark identifies the source of a product or service and distinguishes it from the source of other products or services.

A trademark can be a:-

2. Trademarks Classification
For purposes of trademark application, all goods and services under the sun are classified under the Nice Classification of Goods and Services, of which:
- Class 1-34 : Goods (TM)
- Class 35-45 : Services (SM)

On top of the classes for goods and services, Applicants who wish to protect the trade channels may also want file their trademarks under the channel classes:
Class 16 Printed Materials
Class 35 Retail Outlet (online and offline)

3. What are the criteria to register a trademark

4. What are the procedures to file a trademark?
A trademark application process comprises of the following steps

5. The life of a Trademark