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About Pintas IP Group

Intellectual Property

PINTAS stands for Protection of Intellectual Assets to help you realize the value of your intellectual assets in the most effective and efficient ways.

IP Protection

IP Protect Module entails identification and capturing of vital intellectual capital and knowledge developed by a company.

IP Monetization

IP Monetisation turns IP assets and rights into money and revenue generating streams for IP owners and investors.

IP Southeast Asia

The business decision to enter foreign markets and export goods and services abroad is not without risks and challenges.
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Years of Experiences

We are an experienced team that ensures your ideas are well protected from commercial, legal and financial angles.

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We have long standing partnerships with reliable IP professionals in 150 countries to provide solid protection for your Intellectual Property assets throughout the world.

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IP Applications

Successfully filed and protected in 150 countries across the world.


Patent Prosecution Ranking
2019 - 2021

by Managing IP STARS

The World's Top 1000 Patent Firms For Years 2013 - 2021

by IAM magazine - Globe Business Media Group

Articles & Blogs

DABUS: A Case Study on Patent Law

In the past, innovation had always been a human activity. Even though computers had been widely utilized in research and development (e.g. for calculation, data analysis or recognition of patterns from information[1] to save time and money on unnecessary tests),[2] these intelligent machines had merely been seen as a tool that supports the human inventors in the inventive process.

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Pintas ip group

Pintas Intellectual Property Group

PINTAS is a company specializing in the creation, protection and globalization of intellectual property rights in Asean countries and beyond.


Patent Pintas IP Group

PINTAS is a company specializing in the creation, protection and globalization of intellectual property rights in Asean countries and beyond.


Protect Your Brands From Competitors
Protect your brand from your competitors !!!-Wanted to safeguard your market share & profit margin? -Own your brand & goodwill? -Wondering how you can protect Your Investment in Advertising and Marketing?

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Happy Thaipusam

Pintas IP wishes you and your loved ones Happy Thaipusam and Happy Holidays! May you all be blessed with overflowing happiness, success, and prosperity on this coming special festival.

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Happy New Year

Pintas IP wants to express our gratitude and we look forward to a fruitful new year. May your new year be filled with happiness, peace, and joy.

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