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Protect Your technological Innovations, the source of competitive advantage, with Patents. For twenty years, Pintas has steadfastly partnering businesses patenting their Innovations & Technological Solutions.


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Get Your Million Dollars Innovative Ideas Patented Before Too Late

If your technological innovations are not properly protected by patent rights, businesses will lose their valuable ideas to competitors, resulting in loss of market share, R&D investment and opportunities to monetize their technologies through patent licensing.

Why do you need to register patent?

Protect Against Illigal Copying of New Ideas

Attain a Strong Market position and Higher Profit Margin

Opportunity to Lisence or Monetize Your Invention

why choose us?

For the past twenty years, we have focused on helping brand owners protecting their brands in the most professional and cost efficient ways.

Experienced Team

We are a team of 60 professionals comprising of qualified lawyers and corporate financiers who strive to provide you with an integrated and all rounded services in protecting and monetizing your IP assets.​

Trusted Services

Since 1998, our team has successfully secured thousands of trademarks in more than 150 countries across the world.

Value For Money

Our fees are competitive and we provide you with value for money business-driven solutions tailored for your IP needs.

Years of Experience

We are an experienced team that ensures your ideas are well protected from commercial, legal and financial angles.


We have long standing partnerships with reliable IP professionals in 150 countries to provide solid protection for your Intellectual Property assets throughout the world.

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Patent Prosecution Ranking For Malaysia 2019 - 2020

by Managing IP STARS

The World's Top 1000 Patent Firms For Years 2013 - 2020

by IAM magazine - Globe Business Media Group

What is the process of trademark registration?

Step 1 - Novelty Search

Step 2 - Drafting of Patent Specification

Step 3 - Filing of Application

Step 4 - Publication

Step 5 - Examination

Step 6 - Grant


At PINTAS IP GROUP we know you are relentless in your pursuit to become the top brands in your industry. The problems are in your journey to build a strong brand, you need a competent and reliable professional partner who can advise you on how to effective protect and manage your brands. We believe we can add value by offering a customized trademark protecting and management package. We understand that lowering the cost and maximizing the scope of your trademark protection are key objectives of your trademark strategy. Instead of looking for different professional firms to cover search, prosecution, registration, monetization and enforcement of your trademarks, Pintas offers a seamless integrated one-stop trademark protection and monetization solutions to serve your trademark needs. Since its formation in year 1999, Pintas has always committed to offering professional, trusted, responsive and reliable trademark services at the most reasonable rates. You can call our Customer Service Office or Schedule a Web Meeting to learn more about our customized trademark solutions.

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