Expanding research horizons: Valuing patents and commercialization!

Mr. Lok Choon Hong, Director of Pintas IP Group & General Partner of AIPO Capital, has been invited by Universiti Malaya to provide a two day IP Webinar titled “Expanding research horizons: Valuing patents and commercialization!”

Have you ever wondered how your research would change the world if they enter the market? Expand your research horizons and gain insights on the patentable values for commercialization.

Is my idea patentable?
How soon should I patent my invention?
Is my data sufficient to be patented?
Get the answers by joining this Webinar!

Day 1 : Shine with your invention
16th August 2022 (Tuesday)

Day 2 : Help great ideas take shape
23rd August 2022 (Tuesday)
2pm – 3pm

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