“IP In The Digital Economy” “数码经济与知识产权”

Date : Kuala Lumpur (29 November 2018) and Penang (21 December 2018)
Time : 1.00 p.m. – 5.00 p.m.
Speakers: Mr. Lok Choon Hong, Mr. Janson & Mr. Henry
Venue : IP Space, KL and Settlements Work Space, Penang

Firstly, Mr.Lok Choon Hong from Pintas IP Group spoke about how trademarks affect online businesses, IP strategies for internet entrepreneurs, protect the contents of websites with proper IP strategy and avoid infringing third parties in the digital world.

Next, Mr. Eric & Mr Janson from EasyStore talked on keys to a successful online business. Finally, brand growth using Google was shared in the seminar by Mr. Henry from MEA.

This public seminar was co-organized by Pintas IP Group, Easystore, Malaysia Ecommerce Association, IskandarSpace and Settlements Work Space with the support from the Association of Intellectual Property Entreprenuers and Organizations Malaysia (AIPO), Small and Medium Entreprises Association (SAMENTA) and Johor Bahru Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (JBCCCI).

Contents / 大纲:
IP strategies for internet entrepreneurs / 適用於互聯網企業家的知識產權策略
Protect the contents of your website with proper IP strategy / 使用適當的知識產權策略保護網站內容
Avoiding infringing third parties in the digital world / 避免在數碼世界中侵犯第三方