IP Monetisation

IP Monetisation turns IP assets and rights into money and revenue generating streams for IP owners and investors. We help IP owners and investors evaluate their IP assets, identify hidden value and find ways to monetize technology and innovation assets.

The scope of our IP Monetisation Services includes:-

IP Search / Analytics

Takes stock of your and your competitors' intellectual property assets and capabilities

IP Capitalisation

Makes intellectual property the center piece of your corporate strategy

IP Finance

Raises funds through securitization of your intellectual property assets

IP Structure

Sets up a favourable corporate structure to own your intellectual property assets

IP Enforcement

Proactively protects your profit margin and market share from copycats through effective enforcement tactics

IP Training & Event

Designs, manages and delivers customised events to promote and commercialise your intellectual property assets

IP Tax

Turn your intellectual property assets into legal and efficient tax planning tools

IP Valuation

Traces your revenue back to your IP assets in order to account fairly and accurately the value of your IP assets

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