Learn How Amazon Capitalize on IP Rights to Protect Its Sustainable Competitive Advantages : Amazon Patent Strategy Case Study

Amazon (Amazon.com) is the world’s largest online retailer and a prominent cloud service provider. Originally started as an online bookselling company, then morphed into an internet-based business enterprise that is largely focused on providing e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence (AI) services.

This case study is to study how Amazon capitalize on IP Rights to protect its sustainable competitive advantages

Key takeaways:

✅ An overview of the competitive strategies of Amazon

✅ A case study on how Amazon builds an economic moats around its unique selling propositions with intellectual property rights

✅ Gain insight on how to align your IP Strategy with company’s competitive strategy

Event Details:

Date : 30 Mar 2023 (Thursday)

Time : 2PM – 3PM (Singapore Time GMT +8) ; 9AM – 10AM (USA Eastern Time GMT -5)

Venue : Zoom Live

Presenter: Mr. Lok Choon Hong @ Managing Director of Pintas IP Group

Register Here: http://bit.ly/3ZsCfDz

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