Streamline and Accelerate Your Patent Grant in Southeast Asia Countries

Get your Patent granted in Singapore via the Patent Prosecution Highway and Singapore Patent Fast Track Programmes, and accelerate the Patent Grant in the Southeast Asia countries via ASPEC

Trusted IP Services since 1999

Pintas has assisted its clients to apply and obtain more than 10,000 patent grants in Southeast Asia countries over the past 20 years.

Regional Presence with local touch in all Southeast Asia Countries

Through local direct presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Myanmar and joint venture offices in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines , Cambodia and Laos, Pintas is able to an integrated and comprehensive IP solutions covering all Southeast Asia countries.

Experienced and Qualified IP Team

Pintas team consists of registered and experienced patent attorneys/ agents qualified to practice in the jurisdictions of Singapore , Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.

Are these the problems you face when you seek for iP protection:

• Exhausting procedures;
Filing a Patent or other IPs in a Southeast Asian country can be a slow and frustrating experience for those unfamiliar with the local procedures

• Language and culture barriers ;

Countries in Southeast Asia are culturally and linguistically diverse, each country have their own unique language and culture that may result in miscommunications

• Diversities in IP laws and procedures;

Although there are some similarities in the procedures and laws, countries in Southeast Asia have various diversities in order to accommodate to local practices

• Various IP offices;

Dealing with different IP offices in Southeast Asia with varying degrees of IP sophistication requires a comprehensive Southeast Asia IP Strategy

• Cost and time constraints;

Lowering cost of IP protection and accelerating speed of IP approvals are the twin objectives of this Southeast Asia IP Strategy.


We Offer Integrated IP Search and Registration Solution covering
all countries in Southeast Asia.

Our Clients

Your Path To The Perfect IP Protection Plan

Step 1

We will assist to file corresponding applications in Singapore and other Southeast Asian Countries based on a US Patent Application

Step 2

Based on the granted US Patent, we will then assist to accelerate grant in Singapore under the PPH Program

Step 3

Based on the granted Singapore Patent, we will further assist to accelerate grant in other countries in Southeast Asia under the ASPEC Program

About Pintas IP Group

At PINTAS IP GROUP we know you are always on the lookout for better, faster and cheaper ways to assist your clients obtaining their patent protection in Southeast Asia countries. The problems are Southeast Asia Countries are not only culturally and linguistically diverse, they are also different when it comes to IP law and procedures. Dealing with different IP offices in Southeast Asia with varying degrees of IP sophistication requires a comprehensive Southeast Asia Patent Strategy. We believe we can add value by offering a customized Patent filing strategy for Southeast Asia countries: combining the best of PPH, ASPEC and Singapore Patent Fast Track programmes to streamline and accelerate your clients’ patent grant in Southeast Asia countries. 

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We understand that lowering the cost of patent protection and accelerating the speed of patent approvals are the twin objectives of this Southeast Asia Patent Strategy. Instead of looking for ten IP firms to cover ten Southeast Asia countries, Pintas offers a seamless integrated one-stop  patent registration solutions in Southeast Asia countries. 


Since it formation in year 1999, Pintas has always committed to offering trusted, responsive and Reliable IP Services at the most reasonable rates. Here’s how it works: Step 1: Based on your US Patent Application, we help you to utilize PPH to obtain grant for your corresponding patent in Singapore. Step 2: Using Singapore Patent Fast Track Programme to speed up Singapore Patent Grant within 6 months from the application date, Step 3; Capitalizing on ASPEC to accelerate grant in Southeast Asia countries. You can call our US Customer Service Office or Schedule a Web Meeting to learn more about our customized Southeast Asia solution.

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