Realising the Full Potential of Your Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is the currency of the future. Many Intellectual Property (IP) regimes have strengthened their IP protection mechanisms to enable a knowledge-driven economy. Strong economies value their Intellectual Property wealth and create opportunities to enhance participation in this field. MINDS has taken the same approach to safeguarding IPR to build, maintain and reinforce IPR awareness in the minds of our scientific and the creative arts community and to combat IP theft. This first of a webinar series will provide the necessary information, filing and funding methods which serves as a reliable resource guide for many researchers and inventors who may be unaware, attempting to reach out or to identify the right platform to engage in IPR awareness.


  1. To create awareness regarding IPR in the general public
  2. To bring relevant people in the industry together to exchange industry know- how
  3. To construe and reflect upon the current IPR framework
  4. To propagate the importance of IPR protection in the market (domestic and international)
  5. To enhance participation in the IP field in order to instill an IPR conscious lifestyle
  6. To engage with the cross-section of the IPR community to facilitate effective IPR communication/advocacy.

Date: 17 Dec 2020 (Friday)
Time: 10am – 12pn (+8GMT)
Speaker: Lok Choon Hong, Managing Director of Pintas IP Group

Link to join: