Data Privacy Policy

Last Updated: April 2020

“Personal Data” means information about Client which Client has provided to Pintas IP Group and includes its identity, address, description of its business, commercial information relating to its dealings with third parties or employees, evidence relating to its claims and assertions, statements of its expectations and the Client’s instructions to us. It also includes any information which may identify Client that has been or may be collected, stored, used and processed Pintas IP Group, from time to time. Any other Personal Data delivered to us from other sources is deemed to be procured by the Client and received for the purposes stated above. 

Delivery of Personal Data is voluntary. Client may at any time request access to its Personal Data kept with us and make corrections to its Personal Data as it deem appropriate however, any withholding of Personal Data necessary for the performance of our services may hinder or delay the performance of our services or affect the accuracy of our advice or representation. Pintas IP Group reserves the right not to continue acting on Client’s behalf if in its opinion it deems the information given or to which it is entitled to process or use, to be inadequate, incomplete or misleading. 

Client may withdraw or limit its consent to the processing or use of any of Personal Data held by Pintas IP Group provided that where Pintas IP Group is required to represent Client with respect to third parties, it has Client’s authority to disclose its Personal Data to the extent necessary, to any person with whom Pintas IP Group is reasonably required to communicate, including where appropriate, regulatory authorities, an opposing party and their solicitors and advisers. Where it is not necessary to disclose Client’s identity to a third party, Client nevertheless consents to the use of its Personal Data in a hypothetical way to illustrate a point. Notwithstanding the Client’s instruction to cease processing or use of Client’s Personal Data, nevertheless irrevocably consent to the use of its Personal Data for record, accounting or administrative purposes, and in the course of any claim or defence in respect of the works performed by Pintas IP Group for Client.

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