Past Events


本公司董事,骆俊宏先生有幸于今年4月15至17日出席“一带一路”商标于知识产权在线纠纷解决(ODR)工作会,旨在推动“一带一路”沿线国家监管机构及企业在商标、知识产权ODR及标准化制定等相关领域的创新协作,促进与中国跨境电商的协同发展,形成全球最大电子商务统一市场。 本次工作会议汇聚全球ODR领域的知名专家学者和应用开发者,促进国际统一适用的ODR交流。 预知更多知识产权相关资讯,请联络012-797 5077/[email protected]

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MBAN Summit 2016

Mr Lok Choon Hong has been invited to be a moderator for Malaysian Business Angel Network (MBAN) summit 2016. For those who are unfamiliar, MBAN

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MYMex Expo

Pintas Consulting group held a booth recently at the MYMex Expo on the 20th-23rd October 2016. The expo was held at Danga Bay City Mall,

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