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PINTAS IP Structure helps intellectual property owners to set up a most favourable and tax efficient corporate structure to own their intellectual property assets.

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PINTAS IP Structure assists IP owners to set up of Intellectual Property holding companies (IP Co) in a IP friendly jurisdiction to hold their IP assets.  

Key Considerations for IP Co

Key Considerations for IP Co

  1. Tax: a low-tax, or preferred-tax jurisdiction, with a large and well-established and extensive double tax treaties.
  2. Branding: a respected country with a transparent and robust legal system
  3. IP Friendly Policy: Attractive benefits for R&D activities, tax deductible scheme for IP related expenses or amortization schemes for capital expenditure.

Benefits of an IP Holding Company (IP Co)

  • Income Tax Saving Through Royalties Planning

  • Recognition of the value of the IP assets within the balance sheet of IP Co.

  • Potential ability to raise secured funding against IP Co’s IP assets

  • Demonstration of the off-balance sheet value based on the flow of royalties attached to the IP assets.

  • Protection of IP assets against the risk of bank/ creditor/ competitor threat.

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