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Where is the Value of My IP Hiding ?

Pintas IP Capitalisation Service helps IP owners uncover their hidden intangible assets and turn them into valuable asset in their corporate balance sheet.

The common forms of investment in intangible assets are generally treated and reflected in your corporate accounts in the following ways :

Taking into account the accounting standards, valuation rules and taxation principles, Pintas IP Capital team helps to make intangible assets tangible in the following steps :

1. IP Assets Creation
2. IP Co Establishment
3. IP Assets Valuation
4. Transfer IP to IP Co
• Initiate the IP creation
• IP Assets initiatlly reside outside of the operating co.
• IP Assets can initially be owned by the founder
• Establish an IP Holding Co
• Preferably establish in an IP friendly jurisdiction
• IP Holding can apply for tax incentives under the modified IP Nexus Scheme.
• Apply a valuation method suitable to your Business
• Valuation Methodology: Cost, Market or Economics Basis
• Based on the valuation report, the IP Assets will be capitalized in the IP Holding Co.
• Full compliance with corporate, accounting & tax rules
• IP Holding to collect royalties from operating co

4 Steps to Capitalize IP Assets

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