Indonesia Update – “POP-HC” to simplify the process of copyright registration

In conjunction with the Year of the Copyright this year, the Minister of Law and Human Rights has launched the “Automatic Approval for Copyright Registration” (POP-HC) to improve the efficiency of the Copyright registration process in Indonesia.

The recording process, which normally takes one day (one day service), will take only 7-10 minutes after the POP-HC system is set up. Since the implementation of the POP-HC application on December 20, 2021, DGIP has noticed a drastic increase in copyright recordation in the country. Undeniably, this POP-HC system has offered legal certainty and increased copyright owners’ confidence.

Overview of POP-HC System

How does POP-HC work? Under the POP-HC system, the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) will automatically accept and processes requests for copyright recordal and will automatically approve the copyright recordal application if the creation meets the following criteria:

  • Not a copy and not essentially similar to other intellectual properties or creations belonging to other parties
  • Not an expression of traditional culture
  • Not a work of an unknown creator
  • Not a work that is not protected by Copyright
  • Not an artwork in the form of logo or a distinguishing mark used as a trade/service mark or used as a symbol of an organization, business entity, or legal entity
  • Not a work that contravenes religious norms, moral norms, public order, state defence and security or laws and regulations
  • Never been and not currently in a criminal and/or civil dispute in court

Why Copyright is especially fundamental in Indonesia

According to a survey conducted by the Global Intellectual Property Center, Indonesia was placed 33rd in the world for intellectual property protection, out of 38 countries. The finding indicates that many businesses do not see copyright as important, and copyright infringements are common in Indonesia.

One question that many creators have is why anyone would take the additional steps and expenses to register their copyright when the copyright protection is automatically vested on the creator when the work is published. The pros of having your copyright registered are that copyright owners are able to prove legal ownership in case of dispute and it would be useful in the commercialization of artistic creation.


With this POP-HC system in place, it can be seen that more copyright creators are willing to proceed with copyright registration and obtain better legal protection on their creation. In view thereof, the POP-HC system is expected to help the government to combat the rampant piracy issues in the country, especially when entering the digitally-supported creative era.

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