Matrade Intellectual Property (IP) Grant

Are you planning to expand your business to the export markets? If that is the case, have you ensured that your Intellectual Property (IP) is protected in the export markets? If you have registered or plan to register your IP in the international market, you should utilise the Market Development Grant (MDG).

The Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (Matrade) has introduced new initiatives under the Market Development Grant (MDG) for exporters amid the Covid-19 pandemic. You can now apply to claim for reimbursement of the expenses used in IP registration in the international market.

*Do take note that this is only available to IP owners based in Malaysia

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Market Development Grant (MDG)

1. What is Market Development Grant?

The Market Development Grant (MDG) was introduced in 2002. It is a support initiative in the form of a reimbursable grant.

2. What is the objective of MDG?

The purpose of MDG is to assist Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Professional Service Providers, Trade & Industry Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Professional Bodies and Co-operatives in increasing global sales by undertaking eligible export promotion activities. They aim to help exporters in their efforts to promote Malaysian made products or services globally.

3. How much can you claim from the grant?

The lifetime limit of MDG is RM300,000 and it is specifically formulated for Malaysian SME Companies, Professional Service Providers, Trade & Industry Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Professional Bodies and Co-operatives. However, do take note that there is different maximum grant amount per application, depending on the activity that you are claiming from.

[Note: MDG reimbursements are subject to the availability of the government funds.]

4. Who is eligible to claim for MDG?

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

  • Incorporated under the Companies Act 1965 or Companies Act 2016.
  • With at least 60% equity owned by Malaysians.
  • Manufactures products that are made in Malaysia or provide services for export that originated from Malaysia, and
  • Meet the following defining criteria:
Type of Business*Annual Sales or*Number of Full Time Employees
Manufacturing: (including agro-based products)Not exceeding RM50 million orNot exceeding 200
Trading:Not exceeding RM20 million orNot exceeding 75
Services: (excluding real estate)Not exceeding RM20 million orNot exceeding 75

* Annual Sales is based on the latest Audited Financial Statement

* Number of Full Time Employees is according to the latest EPF Statement

5. Who is not eligible to claim for MDG?
  • The following businesses will not be deemed as SMEs and also do not qualify for Government assistance:
  1. Public-listed companies (PLC) in the main board such as Bursa Malaysia or main bourses in other countries.
  2. Subsidiaries of the following entities:
    – Public-listed companies (PLC) in the main board.
    – Large firms, Multinational Corporations (MNCs), Government-Linked Companies (GLCs) or have any government equity (federal or state) in its shareholding, Syarikat Menteri Kewangan Diperbadankan (MKDs) and State-Owned Enterprises.
  • Companies who are inactive in business (dormant) or less than one (1) year in operation.
  • Companies who are fully subsidised or sponsored by any third party for example, Ministries or Government Agencies or Trade and Industry Associations or Chambers of Commerce or Professional bodies and others.
6. What requirements must I meet to be considered for MDG?

If you are eligible to apply for the grant, you must be registered as a member of MATRADE. You may visit the page for registration: . The registration is free and details of your company must be updated from time to time.

7. What activities and expenses are eligible for grant funding?

You are able to claim all expenses that are related to registration of intellectual property (IP) for international market which are undertaken in the year 2021. The maximum grant amount per application would be RM30,000.

If you have registered your IP from 1st January 2021 – 14th July 2021, application of the grant must be submitted before or by 12th August 2021.

On the other hand, if you plan to register your IP from 15th July 2021 – 31st December 2021, application of the grant must be submitted within 30 calendar days from the date of activity started.

8. What does Pintas IP Group offer?

If you wish to explore the overseas market, you are advised to register your Intellectual Property in that particular country that you wish to expand to as well to avoid your IP being misused or imitated. This would be a great chance for you to get your Trademark or Patent registered in other countries as the fees would be 100% reimbursed by the MDG as long as it did not exceed the grant amount provided in the table above.

We can help you to register your Intellectual Property for international market and provide assistance in applying for the grant. We have more than 20 years of experience in the IP industry which is backed by an extensive international network. Through local direct presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Myanmar and joint venture offices in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia and Laos, we are able to provide integrated and comprehensive IP solutions in multiple countries.

We are providing consultation at zero cost so you may reach out to us for free advices and we will let you know how should you proceed with your registration.

9. How do I submit my new application of claims or request for reimbursement of expenses?

All applications must be submitted online through MATRADE’s website with the necessary claim and supporting documents.

Get expert help to register your IP in the international market.

Now that you have learnt more on the grant, grab the opportunity now to protect your brands or inventions in the export markets. With a registered IP, you can stop unauthorized people from using your trademark or invention. You can even take legal action against them when your trademark is infringed. Furthermore, you get to enjoy exclusive rights and sole ownership over your IP as it belongs to you. Since a registered IP becomes your asset, you can then sell or license it to gain more.

Seek the services of a reputable firm like Pintas to help you through the process of IP registration.